PhonarPhonar [fo-'när] is a free and open online photography class and community focusing on the photographic narrative. It is run by Jonathan Worth and Chantal Riekel from the photography team at Coventry University, UK. The class runs over 10 weeks, and seeks to enhance storytelling skills across all mediums and platforms, with valuable input of its contributors and participants from various fields of photography.

PicbodPicbod [Picturing the body] is a BA (Hons) Photography second year undergraduate class run by Matt Johnston at Coventry University in the UK. The class is currently held in an open G+ community, over a 10 week period, structured so as to address complex aesthetic, creative and technical issues along with the visual messages, associated with the photographic encounter with the body.

DS106DS106 (Digital Storytelling) is an open, online course that happens at various times throughout the year at the University of Mary Washington but you can join or leave whenever you like. The course is free, while the level of participation is your choice. In 2013, Headless ds106 (without teacher) was run for the first time. You will regularly find them chatting at the #ds106 radio.

The Photobook Club aims to promote and enable discussion surrounding the photo book format. In particular looking at old, rare and influential photography books from the 20th century onwards. The Photobook Club was founded and is run by Matt Johnston in Coventry UK, but has a growing community (G+) of 30+ cities. Read this brilliant article at Hybrid Pedagogy journal.

For The Remix A series of photographs taken by Jonathan Worth of author Cory Doctorow are now available for you to remix, regenerate, and to make new art, especially in light of the themes and topics of his books. The challenge is to make something new out of the photos, or remix of another remix. They not only want you to make art, they want you to share the story behind it. Check the gallery, where most of us here at IMG19 have uploaded our responses and make something yourself!