CaliPhonar, the Midnight Class

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CaliPhonar is the latest rendition of the open photography class Phonar, tailored for a much younger audience in California. As glamourous as this may sound, it has been quite challenging. Alongside Jonathan Worth and his merry men (Sifis Kesisoglou, Hollie Woodward and Alex Mason) we have been trying to tackle the issues of teaching over […]

Open Access and the Paywall

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An unlikely relationship. Seemingly more like arch-enemies in the digital economic landscape as Open Access activists freely oppose the paywall which restricts the everyman to information that apparently “wants to be free”. Paywalls A paywall does exactly what it says on the tin: you can’t go through the gate unless you pay to get in. […]

Introducing Kate Green

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Introducing Kate Green

I have been interested in archives for quite a long time now, but only recently made it the core of my photographic practice. And since, I have been looking at the capabilities the web has to accommodate archival information as physical artefacts age. With this in mind, I have come across digital politics and activists, […]