Homosexuality in Sports

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Following on from the Hollywood Reporter video I decided to look into how open people are about their sexuality within the sporting world. If TV really does reflect our lives within society then having gay representatives within sport would really challenge any stereotypical ideas of gay men. I wasn’t expecting a great deal of openly […]

‘Craft’ within Photography; the Key to adding Value

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So I keep ranting on about the ‘craft’ of photography, and that it’s important. The combination of Creativity, Skill and most importantly the idea of a Contextual Presentation. And well, you would have thought that it’s obvious. It’s not new, and why the heck am I talking about it. Well I’m what lecturers over at […]

My Journey To Karamoja

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20th December 2013, Early in the morning, me ,the driver (Muzze), my friend Juma, and my cousin called Sohaib left Kampala the capital city of Uganda at around 8 O’clock in the morning after shopping from a famous supermarket called Shoprite. We started the journey using the Lira main road heading to Northern Uganda. We […]

Current Photography and why it’s not as you seem

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Part of my talk that’s taking place at the end of the month means that I’ve having to place context in today’s form of Photography. And this begrudgingly means that I have to talk briefly about everyone screaming back and forth saying “Photography is DEAD!” .. “No it’s not!” Now I’m bored of this continual […]

Introducing Rachel Appleby

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With great social power, also comes great social responsibility. “photographs of human suffering no longer move the public… repeated exposure to photographed atrocities habituates us to horror, leading us to view even the most graphic images as ‘just pictures.’” -Susan Sontag.  Is there a such thing as too much information  during a disaster or crisis, Twitter […]

Introducing Alex Edwards

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Introducing Alex Edwards

I’ve always worked with my hands, even as a kid. The only difference between now and then is that now I’m some how trusted with power tools even though I’ve had one too many close calls. I’ve some how carried that into my core practice within photography, there’s something that I become drawn to with […]