Why Asperger syndrome ? – My project idea

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What is autism? Aspergers Syndrome is defined as a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. Autism disability interests me a lot and the condition is very personal to me. Thomas Powell aged 17 from Hinckley, Uk has […]

Camera Lucida: Authentication

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Camera Lucida: Authentication

“From a phenomenological viewpoint, in the Photograph, the power of authentication exceeds the power of representation.” Authenticity cannot be defined simply, especially when referring to perceptions of what once were. To say a photograph isn’t authentic is futile; for they are reproductions of a perception of what has been. This has been my mistake in […]

How do Experiences become Memories?

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How do Experiences become Memories?

Remembering ©Ellen Cantor Behavioural economist and Nobel Memorial prize winner Daniel Kahneman says that: All of us roughly know what memory is — sort of the storage of the past, such as we have it. It’s the storage of what we know. It’s the storage of our personal experiences. It is very easy to confuse […]

Portrait photography as an artefact in its own right

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Portraiture builds a subjective and personal relationship between the photographer, the subject and the viewer. Portrait photography is connected between these three perspectives from which the image itself can become an artefact. We already know that photography is personal and subjective for the photographer and the subject being photographed, but what about the viewer? As […]

Introducing Ioana Bultoc

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First of all I want to start by saying why I love photography. Since I was a kid I felt I was expressing myself much better in writing or  drawing rather than talking in public. One of the ways I choose  to overcome this fear, was through art. Photography came into my life later on when I […]

Introducing Hollie Woodward

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I have been interested in family photographs for a majority of my life, and have continually gone back to my personal archives, reminiscing over the stories they tell and attempting to unlock the secrets they keep. This interest stems from personal experience, but is a subject I feel is universal. Most family albums are a form of propaganda, […]