I am a research photographer based in the UK. My current photographic project is a collaboration with Jinx Rodger and the archive she keeps of her late husband, Magnum Photos co-founder, George Rodger. I have been researching digitised archives and their place in the current digital landscape and it is something that I wish to research in the long term.

Currently, I am part of a few projects: one being part of open online photography programmes Caliphonar and Phonar in Primary schools, which are renditions of the #Phonar online class: I am co-writing the courses with Jonathan Worth and acting as a mentor to different students. I am very interested in Open learning and have been a participant in both #Picbod and #Phonar classes.

For direct questions about my current project with Jinx Rodger please contact me directly by email.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @KateGreen28


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From 1st May 2014 enjoy weekly video updates of my project with the George Rodger Archive. On weekdays I will also be posting pictures from the archive as well. I have been speaking with Jinx Rodger over the past few months piecing together her stories of and from the archive. After time of discussing George and […]

Jinx Rodger

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Jinx Rodger

Lois ‘Jinx’ Witherspoon was born in 1925 into a world of adventure. In a conversation with Jinx, I learnt a lot about her life with travel, photography, Magnum and, of course, her husband George. “I’m a travel-ist by birth, I started travelling when I was one month old and probably never stopped, my father was […]

Archives’ Digital Responsibilities

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@KateGreen28 archive and its digital responsibilities #img19 pic.twitter.com/jwmsnXjNbk — Melissa Stapleton (@MelsStapleton) February 26, 2014 I spoke about my research project about archives at the #IMG19 Symposium 26th February 2014. I spoke about the current situation for archives and their acceptance of ‘going digital’; but, the archives must really consider a lot more: their purpose, […]

Preserving the Digitised Archive

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Preserving the Digitised Archive

Digitising archives should not be for the purpose of preserving the information longer. Think over the last 20 years, or even 10,  at how digital technology has changed. The Internet has evolved from a slow wired up service to something that can be used on most mobile phones, wirelessly and quickly. The Internet now is […]

The Changing Archive

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The Changing Archive

Over the last twenty years photographic archives have been migrating onto the digital landscapes, just in the same way that photography has embraced its digital form since consumer use in the 1990s. Catherine O’Flynn is an author and wrote an essay to accompany Stuart Whipps’ photographic project “Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness” and comments that […]

CaliPhonar, the Midnight Class

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CaliPhonar is the latest rendition of the open photography class Phonar, tailored for a much younger audience in California. As glamourous as this may sound, it has been quite challenging. Alongside Jonathan Worth and his merry men (Sifis Kesisoglou, Hollie Woodward and Alex Mason) we have been trying to tackle the issues of teaching over […]

Open Access and the Paywall

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An unlikely relationship. Seemingly more like arch-enemies in the digital economic landscape as Open Access activists freely oppose the paywall which restricts the everyman to information that apparently “wants to be free”. Paywalls A paywall does exactly what it says on the tin: you can’t go through the gate unless you pay to get in. […]

Introducing Kate Green

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Introducing Kate Green

I have been interested in archives for quite a long time now, but only recently made it the core of my photographic practice. And since, I have been looking at the capabilities the web has to accommodate archival information as physical artefacts age. With this in mind, I have come across digital politics and activists, […]