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I am a media artist and documentary photographer. I am currently researching the impact of digital technology on the photographic. Through years of experimentation with lens based media I have shifted my creative process on digital environments. For the past two years I have been exploring the boundaries of the digital image file, by investigating the code beneath the visual layer, using unconventional manipulation techniques. These investigations started by chance, when a series of corrupted files were produced by the digital camera. As a photographer I have been interested in the natural landscape, and often in the presence of artificial structures within those places. My latest project is the view through a window of an airplane at 9 miles above the ground, where traces of civilisation fade away in the vastness of the sky. You can find previous work on my website under Creative Commons licensing.

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Optimising Photography

Optimising Photography

This is the essay I presented at the Image Nineteen Photography Symposium on the 26th of February 2014 at The Herbert Art Gallery, in Coventry. Imagine technology as a train that constantly moves forward, as time does, according to our perception. Photography is a product of technology, in this example acting as a single coach, […]

Research Bibliography: Digital Technology/Photography

This is an extended bibliography of my research subject on the impact of digital technologies on the medium of photography and the photographic. The research will be presented in the IMAGE19 Symposium in the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, UK on the 26th of February 2014. Kuhn, T. (1962) The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Chicago: […]

Introducing Joseph Kesisoglou

Ever since I have been living abroad I use the airplane quite often to travel between destinations. I fly mostly to Greece, where is home, and occasional trips to Europe. I always tried to get a window seat because of the view. Even though I had the privilege to get a window seat in most […]