Approaching Anthony Luvera for my symposium subject

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Approaching Anthony Luvera for my symposium subject

My symposium subject explores the idea of challenging photography to a level of collaboration and participation. Anthony Luvera’s photo projects includes working with communities and organisations. He first started working with homeless people from  London, Belfast and than in Brighton with his latest photo project about the cultural heritage of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender people. He said that thinking about your “audience is absolutely the key” which I found  very relevant if you want to work with people. One of the ways he approaches people is self assisted portraits.

His process of involving his photography practice into this field brings positive changes and satisfaction for the communities he works with.  One of the key ideas he mentioned in his process of approaching people is:

1. Always have a purpose or meaning when you work with people. What he means  is that, you don’t  need to be interested why are people homeless, its more about how can you bring photography  in their lives as a positive change.

2. How we choose to present the photographs plays an important role: newspaper, gallery

3. The Site-Specific plays an important role in finding the right place to document and to look into the archives of that community.

4.  People Identity Matters

5. Creating relationships and long lasting collaborations with your subjects

6. “If people say yes, than go for it” don’t be afraid to approach them.

After the presentation, we had a really short, but significant tutorial, about my work.  He recommended me to look up at some photographers/artists in the field of participatory photography as: Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula->The forgotten space , A.D. Coleman ,Abigail Solomon Godeau, Andy Grundberg-> article, Clair Bishop, Wendy Ewald.

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