The Changing Archive

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Over the last twenty years photographic archives have been migrating onto the digital landscapes, just in the same way that photography has embraced its digital form since consumer use in the 1990s.

Catherine O’Flynn is an author and wrote an essay to accompany Stuart Whipps’ photographic project “Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness” and comments that archives in their nature are not seen, it is part of their makeup to be disclosed. However, now that archives are embracing digital technologies in broadcasting and sharing; what it means to be an ‘archive’ is, without a doubt, changing. Archives are going from a storage and filing system to a storage, filing and a sharing platform. It could be said that archives are undergoing a similar paradigm shift that photography did, from analogue to digital, and with this, taking many characteristics with it.

© Stuart Whipps Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness?

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