Is the media/music industry becoming pornified?

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While the new visibility of sex in mainstream culture is sometimes described as ‘pornographic’, it usually relies on a fairly non-explicit form of representation, drawing on the style of the pin-up[226] or on a glossy ‘pornochic’ style with high production qualities[227]. The terms ‘pornification’ and ‘porno-chic’ have been used to describe the way in which mainstream media texts ‘borrow from, refer to, or pastiche the styles and iconography of the pornographic’[228].


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I have been reading an report on sexualisation, children becoming to sexual at such a young age, how women are being defined by their sexuality and the effects and availability of pornography online and making it way subliminally into the media. The exert I have taken above form the report refers to how mainstream media ‘borrows’ similar styles of pornography into either music video produced, advertisements, posters etc.

I do believe that in the past year we have been seeing soft porn subliminally within the music industry especially in music videos,

Rihanna – Rude Boy has many references to sex within this video one example is if you watch at 00.52 she appears to be ‘having sex’ with this lion then goes onto sit on top of it and ride it as if it symbolise sex.

Miley Cyrus – We Cant Stop music video is full of sexual acts which are over ally sexual and most definitely show acts of what you would see within porn films, these are just a few examples I have found …

00:44 looks like a ‘home video’ recording of Miley slapping another woman’s ass

00:53 the camera is filming Miley from a low angle from in-between her legs, this is often a camera shot you see in pornography films

1:09 she is kneeling down with her ass facing the camera moving backwards and forwards simulating a sex move as well again moving up and down doing the same at 1.23, whilst she is moving up and down laying on her bed with her eye closed looking like she is enjoying herself, her facial expression throughout also are indicating maybe the facial expression of orgasming

I could list out so many other music videos where stars are over sexualising themselves just to have more sales and attention, everyone knows sex sells, especially record labels but why has it become so pornified especially when some audiences watching are of such young age? When such young stars are involved such as Miley Cyrus who was only wearing a purity ring to symbolise her virginity around a year ago with her ex boyfriend is now making sexual gestures insinuating she is masturbating with a foam finger on the VMA stage for the world to see!

Real America, indeed. “Pop culture and porn culture have become part of the same seamless continuum,” explains theatre historian and University of Illinois professor Mardia Bishop. “As these images become pervasive in popular culture, they become normalized… and… accepted.”
This foray into porn culture–the increasing acceptability and pervasiveness of sexualized imagery in mainstream media–is where pop culture takes a dark turn. “Visual images and narratives of music videos clearly have more potential to form attitudes, values, or perceptions of social reality than does the music alone,” notes author Douglas A. Gentile in his book Media Violence and Children. In fact, music videos, which are found daily in 75-80% of the homes of 9- to 14-year-olds, are among the worst culprits constantly bombarding young people today with sexual images and references.
Children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend approximately 30-120 minutes a day watching music videos–75% of which contain sexually suggestive materials–and with the advent of portable technology, children’s television and music are often unmonitored by parents or guardians. Not only does this accelerate adolescent sexual behavior (girls between the ages of 12-14 are two times more likely to engage in sexual activity after being exposed to sexual imagery), but it increases the likelihood of more sexual partners.
Between the celebrity worship and the hyper-sexed imagery found in the pop stars’ videos, young people–especially young women–today are getting double-teamed. Indeed, Nancy Bauer, a Tufts University professor, argues that as “adoration of celebrities as idols or role models is a normal part of identity development in childhood and adolescence,” young girls often look to celebrities as moral exemplars. This adoration can manifest itself from something as simple as putting up posters of the celebrity to more destructive behaviors. In this way, Miley Cyrus singing about “shaking it as if we’re at a strip club,” masturbating on stage with a foam finger, twerking her posterior rhythmically or giving a lap dance to a virtual stranger on stage becomes the embodiment of behavior to be studied and emulated.
I have inserted quite a large exert of this article because it is so interesting and shockingly true. It talks about how these sexualised images are becoming so popular that it is nearly becoming the normal to the younger generation as this is all they are seeing and this is not what we want them to be classifying as ‘normal’ behaviour!  The article also states that not only watching sexualised videos like this accelerates sexual behaviour but it also is more likely that adolescence are more likely to engage in sexual behaviour after being exposed to such things as well as potentially having more sexual partners in the future. Young girls (and boys) look up to stars such as Miley as a role model and an idol and if they are watching this kind of behaviour and believing it is a normal way to act because their favourite singer is that will following in their actions which is such a scary thought to think young girls such as 13 are imitating some of the gestures Miley has recently been seen doing. This is not only exposing young girls to inappropriate content but also running the risk of being in danger if they girls are provocatively dressing, dancing and acting coping their idol.

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