Every person is faced with three colors every day - red, yellow, and green. These are the colors of the traffic light. The first device was installed in London in 1868. However, no one knows who invented the stop light. Such information would be interesting to anyone curious about the history of the invention of traffic lights. Also, both the theme of traffic lights and their colors are played up in art. So, these devices can be seen in many photographs of cityscapes. Further, this topic is often discussed at photographers' symposia as one of the contexts of photography in modern society.

Presentations will address (amongst others) the position of the artefact  in a digitally dominant world; how the democratisation of production means has redefined authorship; the experience of vernacular photography and its effect on memory; current representation and repercussions of social media on different groups; the meaning of information embedded in the layered image; the debate of accessibility within digitised archives; and the use of visual language as a new opportunity in education.

The symposium will take place on the 26th of February 2014 from 9.30am at The Herbert Art Gallery, in Coventry (map).

Online versions will be made after the event has taken place and will live here at IMG19.org

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